Yu De Xin Mold Co., Ltd., expert of die casting in China

Yu De Xin Mold  Co., Ltd (YDX) is established in 2006, a valuable supplier and manufacturer in die casting field. As a casting manufacturer. At this moment, we offer one-stop die-casting solution service from design to final parts. We can do mould design, mould building, die casting, finishing, painting, precision machining and assembly, etc...

We co-operate with over 200 companies from local and foreign markets with a wide range of industries, including automotive industry, engineering, electronics, LED light heatsinks, household appliances, construction and military industries.

We strive to manufacture top quality products and cost effective products, delivered just-in-time.

We have through ISO 9001:2008, and we follow this quality system to control our products quality strictly.

Trust us is your best co-operate partner.

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum die-casting products are mainly used in electronics, automotive, electrical, appliances and some communications industrie...

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Zinc Die Casting

Zinc Die-Casting have very high strength and hardness; Zinc Castings are a perfect substitute to machined, fabricated, pressed/sta...

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Fixture and Jig

Precision Machining, Jigs and fixtures manufacturing, Components precision machining etc...

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Mold Making

Our die cast tooling making capabilities is key to the success of your project. From single to multi-cavity tools, from lifters to...

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