Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum die-casting products are mainly used in electronics, automotive, electrical, appliances and some communications industries, a number of high-performance, high-precision, high toughness of high-quality aluminum products are also used in large aircraft, ships and other industries requiring high . The main use is in some parts of the instrument. YDX mainly to do mechanical and electrical enclosure, LED base, auto parts, electrical parts, die-cast housing, etc.

Aluminum has good casting performance. As low melting point (melting point of aluminum 660.230C, aluminum casting temperature is generally about 730 ~ 750oC or so), and it could be widely used in metal type and pressure casting and other casting methods to improve the intrinsic quality of the casting, dimensional accuracy and surface smooth and level and the production efficiency. Aluminum alloy solidification latent heat, under the same conditions in terms of weight, the solidification of molten aluminum processing time extended much longer than steel and cast iron, put a good fluidity, is conducive to cast thin-walled and complex structure of the castings.

 Aluminum alloy characteristics:

1 Casting a wide range of

2 casting size, high precision, low surface roughness

3 high productivity

4 metal utilization

5 casting strength and surface hardness
Al01 - Wheel kernel
Al02 - Valve housing
Al03 - Aluminum die casting parts
Al04 - Household appliances parts
Al05 - Electrical enclosure
Al06 - Fishing Fly Reel
Al07 - LED mount (stand)
Al08 - Hardware parts
Al09 - Chair base
Al10 - Auto parts
Al11 - Heatsink
Al12 - Marine hardware
Al13 - Security monitoring equipment
Al14 - LED lighting heatsink