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Zinc Die Casting

We've done a lot of zinc die casting, Its high strength and hardness make die cast zinc the ideal alternative to machined, pressed, stamped, and fabricated items. Zinc’s properties lend itself to so many solutions, we’ll probably have made another million castings in the time it takes you to pick up the phone and call us

Zinc Alloy Die Casting, and other non-ferrous alloys, compared with significant advantages: low cost materials, low melting point, low energy consumption, good flowability and moldability, filled full, the pressure out of the zinc alloy casting surface finishing, especially for polishing, plating and spray, suitable for manufacturing high-quality die-cast products. With the thermal performance of the fixed die casting machines and zinc alloy die-casting perfect surface decoration technology, the use of die-cast zinc alloy growing, both from the general requirements beautifully and requires a certain bearing rocker, handles, bracket, dial, shell, the air tightness requirements motorcycle carburetor, oil pump housing and drawing instruments.

Zinc Alloy characteristics:

1, a relatively large proportion.

2, casting performance, complex shapes can be die-casting, thin-walled precision castings, smooth surface.

3, surface treatment: electroplating, spraying, painting, polishing, grinding and so on.

4, is not melting and casting of iron absorption, corrosion-pressure, non-stick mold.

5, has good mechanical properties and wear resistance at room temperature.

6, low melting point, easy casting.

Zi10 - Electrical enclosure
Zi01 - Stove Core
Zi02 - Electrical accessories
Zi03 - Multi-port demultiplexer
Zi04 - Hardware parts
Zi05 - Zamak parts
Zi06 - Handle
Zi07 - Zinc alloy parts
Zi08 - Automotive parts
Zi09 - Furniture Hardware