Low-pressure Casting
Low pressure casting cavity is filled with liquid metal under pressure, to form a casting method. Due to the low pressure used, so called low pressure casting. Which process is as follows: In a sealed container provided with the liquid alloy (such as crucible), and into the dry air, acting on the metal pouring temperature to maintain a certain level, resulting in a sealed container and the pressure difference between the mold cavity , under the action of molten metal gas pressure rises along the lift pipe, through the gate into the cavity smoothly and appropriately increasing the pressure and the gas pressure in the crucible to keep the liquid surface, so that the molten metal in the cavity of solidification at a higher pressure. Then lift the gas pressure on the surface, so that the opening was not solidified metal tube rely on the weight of the liquid back into the crucible, and then open the type and remove the cast, so far, a complete low-pressure casting process is completed.
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